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The man behind the music

Trey is a singer/songwriter and performer born and raised in Nashville who writes music to bring awareness to abused women and children. Treys story started at a very young age. He comes from an abusive household where abuse was a part of his life for 17 years. At a very young age Trey stopped going to school after the first grade. He learned how to read at the age of 20  and went on to get his diploma and real estate license within the next year. Trey became very successful in real estate and would go on to retire his license seven years later.  With experience almost his entire life grooming dogs and animals he explored different options for being able to raise money as well as his own charitable outlets. He has now been grooming and managing for a local facility that raises money for non-kill shelter's. Trey also speaks at a few local churches too children in hopes that they see that you can look a certain way but not live a certain life. He is now loving life and spending all his free time with the woman of his dreams. If you haven't already seen their engagement video you should. You will also find his beautiful fiancé Taneah Cantrell in many of his new music videos. The love these two share is un like anything you will see. 

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